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About the company

AlphaWare was originally founded in 2014 as an animation company by its founder Troy Nelson and co-founder Keegan Wilber, and have since branched out to produce Programs, Games, Animations, Music and more! So whether it be a scouting program for a first competition, or a benchmarking tool for testing your computer's performance. We hope to develop products that we think are needed/wanted and we hope you enjoy them.

Troy Nelson

CEO, founder, Programmer, Artist, Animator,

Hi I'm Troy! I've liked making games and wondering how the world works since I was just a little kid, and now that I can, I'm here to share them with you and all the other amazing people on this big rock called earth.

Here's to a fun time on this rock.

Sam Ogden

Technical Support

I do many technical tech support jobs here at Alphaware Studios. I am proud to be an employee and am very proud of my technical work. I am also the first person to have succesfuly crashed RoboScout.

Lucas Combs


Text here

Keegan Wilber

Co-founder, Artist and Composer

I will contribute my work and see where it goes